Auto accidents: Parking lots can be hazardous during the Holidays

Dec 19, 2019

At this time of the year, many people in Houston and elsewhere find themselves with not enough time for everything they have to do. With functions, get-togethers with friends, buying gifts and everything they need for the meals they planned for the holidays, rushing around is par for the course. The places where the roads of all the frantic shoppers cross are parking lots, and determining the parties responsible for the resulting auto collisions could be challenging.

Understanding who has the right of way could prevent many parking lot collisions. A driver who backs out of a parking stall does not have the right of way, and when two vehicles collide while both are backing out, they might both be partially responsible. Drivers in the parking lot’s driving lanes have the right of way, and anyone backing up or exiting the parking bay pulling forward and hitting a moving car will likely be held financially accountable.  So as you finish all those last minute errands in preparation for Old Saint Nick’s visit, please remember the rules of the parking lots.  

Lastly, two drivers who collide while aiming for the same parking space might both bear responsibility. However, the driver who had to cross the traffic lane to enter the slot would likely have had to yield for the other driver who did not need to cross traffic. When there is shared liability, determining the percentage of fault of each driver poses the next challenge.

Pursuing recovery of damages through the Texas civil justice system is possible, but could be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, help is available. An experienced personal injury attorney in the Houston area can be an invaluable asset in the corner of victims of parking lot auto accidents. The lawyer can assess the party or parties who may be liable and advocate for the client throughout ensuing legal proceedings in pursuit of damage recovery.