Port Neches Plant Explosion

Dec 10, 2019

Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, an explosion at the TPC Group Operations plant in Port Neches resulted in injuries and damage to homes in the area. A mandatory evacuation was initiated for everyone within half a mile of the facility, as the fire continued to spread after the initial explosion.

It is believed that only a few people were injured by the event – suffering broken bones, burns and other injuries – the majority of the damage was allegedly to homes surrounding the facility. However, physical injuries from plant explosions are rarely discovered immediately after such incidents.

What are your legal options?

If you were injured or your home was damaged as a result of the plant explosion, you should not have to bear the costs alone. While you focus on rebuilding, a personal injury law firm can help address the financial and legal challenges following this incident. If you have been impacted, you need to take swift action to ensure all costs are covered and uphold your right to a full and fair recovery.

Learn more about the plant explosion, and don’t be afraid to get the help.