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Two Killed, 30-Plus Injured After Chemical Spill at LyondellBasell Facility in La Porte, TX

July 31, 2021
LyondellBasell Chemical Leak

Recently, a deadly chemical spill at the LyondellBasell Facility in La Porte, Texas, left two workers dead and injured at least 30 others. According to a recent news report covering the spill, authorities responded to an emergency call, reporting a chemical spill in the acetyls unit of the plant. Evidently, the chemicals used in the…

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If I Am Injured In A Drunk Driving Accident Can I Sue The Bar That Served The Drunk

March 28, 2021
drunk driving accident lawyer

Yes.  Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Annotated §2.02 known as The Texas Dram Shop Act provides a cause of action for injuries that result from the provision of an alcoholic beverage against:  (1) a licensed or permitted provider that sells, serves or provides alcohol to an obviously intoxicated adult;  (2) a non-licensed or permitted provider that sells alcohol…

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Houston Chemical Plant Responsible For November Explosions Given Multiple OSHA Citations

January 26, 2021
wrongful death attorney

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that it cited the TPC Group plant in Port Neches, a chemical plant where a series of explosions and fire caused extensive damage, mass evacuations and injured three workers on November 27, 2019, with three willful violations of safety regulations. The explosions and fires began after vapor…

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Important Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

January 15, 2021
motorcycle accident lawyer

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for motorcyclists. Thanks to the size of a motorcycle and the lack of protection it offers, especially when compared to larger vehicles, riders are particularly vulnerable to serious injury or death in an accident. This is why it is important to know what to do if a motorcycle…

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¿Qué Debes Hacer Después de un Accidente de Bicicleta?

January 12, 2021
abogado un accidente de bicicleta

El ciclismo es un pasatiempo compartido por muchos texanos. Ya sea que monte por ejercicio, diversión o transporte, el ciclismo también puede ser peligroso. Las bicicletas comparten las calles con automóviles, camionetas y camiones comerciales. Las bicicletas también son mucho más livianas que los vehículos de motor, por lo que una colisión entre un vehículo…

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Can Video Camera Footage Prove Negligence in a Truck Accident?

January 8, 2021
truck accident lawyer

Evidence of any kind is important when showing negligence after any kind of accident. When you or a loved one have been injured in a commercial trucking accident, proving what occurred and who could be at fault is especially important. Not only are injuries more severe in accidents between large trucks and passenger vehicles but…

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Where Do Most Houston Truck Accidents Happen?

January 5, 2021
truck accident lawyer

Houston’s roads are among the busiest and most dangerous in the nation. The city’s population growth has strained its infrastructure and has congested its highways and roads. Texas leads the nation in the number of fatal truck accidents every year. Because Houston is one of the largest cities in the state it sees a higher-than-average…

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What Are the Leading Causes of Construction Site Accidents?

December 30, 2020
construction accident lawyer

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Texas leads the nation in violations of construction safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspects construction job sites thoroughly to ensure that safety standards are met. When an employer has committed numerous safety violations, the administration enrolls them in a severe violator program and…

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Street Racers to Blame for Serious Car Accident on Houston’s I-45

December 18, 2020
car accident lawyer

Illegal street racing is being blamed for a fiery multi-car accident that left several people hospitalized on Houston’s North Freeway. Drivers of other vehicles were trying to get out of the way of two racers who were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. In doing so, a pickup truck with a man, woman…

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What to Do After a Truck Accident

December 8, 2020
truck accident attorney

Few things frighten drivers as much as being involved in a crash with a tractor trailer. Because they are so much bigger and heavier, they are much more capable of causing catastrophic injuries and death to the drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. Texas has a high number of commercial truck accidents. Nationally, one in…

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