Burn and other injuries from vaping on the rise across the country

Jan 17, 2020

When people purchase a product, they generally trust that it is safe for them to use. Most of the time, that assumption is correct, but there are instances where a dangerous or defective product still makes it into the marketplace. E-cigarettes, or vape pens, have been a source of recent criticism due to being linked to strokes, seizures, heart attachks, respiratory issues, burn injuries and even fatalities across the country, with two deaths right here in Texas.

The most recent death connected to vaping occurred just last month. Health professionals say that the woman was receiving treatment for a lung injury due to her use of e-cigarettes. This is the second fatality in Texas tied to vaping, with the product being responsible for over 200 cases of illness across the state.  If you or a loved one have experienced a stroke, seizure, heart attack, lung collapse, burn or other respiratory issue and suspect this was a result of vaping, you may be entitled to recovery for your losses.  

The illness is said to look similar to pneumonia in X-rays, but is actually a burn to lung tissue. This kind of burn can result in scarring and permanent injury. Doctors and other health professionals caution those receiving treatment not to stop it suddenly, as this can have a negative effect even if the patient is feeling better.

While research on vaping and its effects is ongoing, there are people right here in Texas for whom the answers may come too late. Recovery for burn injuries can be difficult, even when it is possible. Those who feel their burn injury may be tied to a dangerous product may want to speak with an attorney with experience litigating these types of personal injury cases to determine what legal action may be available.

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