Electrical burns can be more serious than they appear

Nov 8, 2019

The human body is an alarmingly successful conductor of electricity. An electrical current can easily pass through the body, and even if the harm appears insignificant, it can cause severe damage and/ or scaring to the skin, muscles, heart, brain or other internal organs and can often result in death.  Different circumstances can lead to electrical injuries, and many involve the negligence of other parties. 

The potential risks are extensive and beyond what many would consider.  Coming into contact with power cords, power outlets, wiring or electrical appliances with exposed electricity, or even a tree branch near uninsulated or unsecure power lines can cause serious electrical injuries or death. If exposure occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence, compensation for injuries and losses are available to victims in the Texas Civil Courts with the help of experienced attorneys.  

An electrical shock can cause cardiac arrest. As the current passes through the body, it can destroy tissues, nerves and muscles. Touching an electrical source can cause thermal burns, and the impact of the shock as the electrical current hits the body can knock the victim down, causing severe bodily injuries. Defective products, dangerous premises, workplace accidents or auto crashes, often cause exposure to electrical shocks.

Victims of electrical injuries that happened through the fault of others might have questions about their legal options to pursue recovery of damages. This is where the skills of an experienced Texas personal injury attorney come in. A lawyer can launch an independent investigation to determine whether the negligence of a manufacturer, employer, property owner or another entity contributed to the circumstances that led to the injuries. Based on the results of such an investigation, the appropriate legal steps can be taken to pursue all documented monetary damages.