Can you help victims of an automobile accident?

Jun 24, 2019

There is not much as terrifying as witnessing a car accident happen right in front of you when you are commuting in Texas. Preventing shock from debilitating your senses is important to help you safely navigate the scene and help the victims as you wait for medical personnel to arrive. 

Being prepared with ways that you can be of assistance to car accident victims before you ever witness a crash happen, can help you to know how to react in a situation that is scary and tense. Before you attempt to help out at the scene at all, make sure you get your vehicle to a place where it will not be a hazard to other drivers. If the accident is in the middle of an open road, consider using your vehicle and its hazards lights to warn other drivers to slow down and watch out. 

According to Esurance, one of your first actions should be to immediately contact 911. Provide the location of the accident as well as a description of the vehicles that were involved and the condition of their occupants. This information is critical to getting help on the way quickly before the condition of any victims begins to deteriorate. You may need to help stabilize the vehicles that were involved if they have landed in a precarious way. Once help has arrived and medical personnel has taken over, remain on scene to provide your description of events to authorities. Your report will be necessary for determining which driver was at fault. 

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.