Texting while Driving is Deadly…and Rampant

Sep 14, 2018

As I ride to work on I-10, when the traffic slows, I see about half the drivers looking down at their phones. Surprising? Hardly. Terrifying? Absolutely. It’s terrifying that the technology in our hand has such power over our minds, that for a text or a post or an instant message-for their immediate and ephemeral gratifications-we are willing to disregard our own lives and the lives of others. Most of these people have heard about the heartbreaking, maddening, and horrific consequences, but somehow these tragedies are not enough. And this adds a whole new dimension to the problem.

It has to stop. But how? How can we pull back from those little machines the enormous power we’ve conceded? While researching this topic, I came across the following article from Integrity Insurance:

Read it. Think about it. Talk to your loved ones about it.