FCA Will Pay

Feb 13, 2015

Do you know of someone who defrauded the federal government? Are you willing to bring a lawsuit on the government’ s behalf? If so, the government may be willing to pay you under a federal law known as the False Claims Act (FCA).

The FCA allows individuals to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government. If successful, these lawsuits benefit taxpayers generally, but they also benefit the per- son bringing the suit specifically. To ” reward” the person who un- covered the fraud and brought the claim in the first place, the FCA allows successful plaintiffs to keep between 15% and 30% of the amounts recovered.

Although the most common kind of FCA lawsuit arises when the government overpays a con- tractor who has submitted a false or “padded” bill, such a lawsuit can also arise where companies knowingly sell defective items to the government, keep money paid to them by mistake, and commit other acts of fraud.