Lawsuit follows oil well blast that caused fatal injuries

Feb 13, 2020

On Jan. 29, a Texas oil well exploded near Deanville. Three workers suffered fatal workplace injuries in the blast. The daughter of one of the deceased workers recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy Corp. Three other oilfield service providers were also named as defendants in the civil claim.

The plaintiff’s father was on the site of the oil well in his capacity as a technical adviser on well intervention on the day of the explosion. He was an employee of one of the companies named as defendants. The plaintiff alleges negligence of all the defendants in their failure to provide safe work environments

The plaintiff’s father succumbed to his injuries in the hospital some days after the explosion, and another employee of the same company died on the day of the blast. A third worker also passed several days later. The identity and condition of a fourth injured worker were not reported. The plaintiff in the civil claim seeks a judgment of at least $1 million from the four defendants.

Anyone who loses a loved one to fatal workplace injuries in Texas will likely have questions about their legal rights to recovery. The person to provide answers would be an attorney with experience and specific skills in fighting for the rights of surviving family members of those whose death resulted from the negligence of others. Along with end-of-life expenses, lost wages and other financial losses, emotional damages like pain and suffering can also form part of the documented claims in wrongful death lawsuits.