Team Member Lidia Rodriguez

Committed To Being A Source Of Strength Through Difficult Times

Lidia Rodriguez

Lidia Rodriguez


"Several clients have expressed their satisfaction with our attentive and supportive attentive customer service. I am happy to hear clients say they appreciate our hard work and dedication to their problems."

About Lidia

Lidia Rodriguez grew up in Houston, Texas, where she obtained a paralegal certificate from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies in 2018. She graduated from Phoenix University in 2012 with an Associate of Arts degree, with a concentration in Business Management.

Lidia started her law career as a legal receptionist. She enjoyed helping paralegals with client interactions and paperwork. Her passion for helping others sparked an interest to do more in the legal field.

Lidia received cross-training from paralegals in cases across many different practice areas including home insurance, personal injury and mass tort. Her academic background gave her the understanding and confidence needed to perform her daily duties as a case manager and paralegal.

Lidia is especially gratified when clients express their appreciation for the attentive customer service, hard work and dedication to their problems that they receive. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors with her family at the zoo, parks and Kemah Boardwalk, her kids’ favorite.


They have a great staff. With great people. I give them 5/5 stars.

- JW