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Leda Bueso

Leda Bueso


"After getting into a car accident while 2 months pregnant, personal injury took on a whole new meaning. Going through that traumatic car accident allowed me to understand that the physical injury was only part the consequences of an accident."

About Leda

Leda Bueso was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She attended the University of New Orleans and Tulane University before deciding she wanted to go to nursing school.

However, personal injury took on a whole new meaning for Leda after she got into a car accident while she was two months pregnant. Going through the traumatic experience gave her an understanding of how physical injury is often just one of the many consequences of an accident.

Leda began her legal career at age 19, when she started working as a legal and personal assistant to a New Orleans state representative. For her, the most rewarding part of working in personal injury law is having the direct ability to change someone’s life for the better.

When she is not working or running after her 1-year-old, Leda enjoys listening to audiobooks and binge-watching docudramas, documentaries and comedy shows. An ambitious, hands-on mom, she is currently teaching her son English, Spanish and sign language.


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