Driving Safety Tips

Sep 4, 2020

With the warming weather different roadway hazards present themselves. Here are some of the biggest hazards you might encounter during our hot summer months and some tips on how they are best avoided.

Pop-Up Rainstorms

The weather in Texas is notoriously mercurial, especially in summer when thunderstorms and bouts of rain form seemingly out of nowhere. Some of these storms can be really intense and drop a lot of precipitation in a short time, sometimes even causing flooding. According to Department of Transportation data, rain is the biggest weather-related cause of accidents in Texas.

Many drivers often underestimate driving conditions and drive too fast or unsafely. Heavy rain reduces visibility for drivers and pools on roads, which can affect the way a car handles and brakes. Wet pavement is slippery and causes cars to hydroplane, which is when the tires slide on top of the water and can easily go out of control.

Always slow down in wet conditions and pull over when a sudden downpour makes it hard to see. Chances are that the storm will pass quickly.


The glare from the sun at sunrise or sunset can blind drivers and cause accidents. This glare can be magnified by the windshield, the dashboard or the water on the road.

When there is a glare, it can help to wear a pair of polarized sunglasses and use visors. Keep the windshield clean and streak-free. Avoid shining other surfaces, like the dashboard, with cleaners or polishes as these will reflect more light and make the glare worse.

Animal Activity

Warm weather prompts wildlife to come out, which can lead to accidents. Deer are especially dangerous to drivers and like to be out in the early morning and evening hours.

Cyclists, Runners and Pedestrians

In the warmer months of the year, people are more likely to be enjoying outdoor activities and exercising. Bicyclists have the same rights to occupy the road as motorists in Texas, and in places where there is no clearly designated bike lane, they may use the entire lane for safety. Share the road responsibly and use extra caution around bike riders, runners and pedestrians.

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